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We are a family of 4, and we are breeding Chihuahuas with good strong healthy lines, we live in the West Midlands near the NEC.

We have 3 litters,


3 girls 1 reserved

1 girl 1 boy girl reserved

3 boys

Billy is our only boy, he is Fawn color, and very small and muscular..

Pepi is our black and white girl she is our smallest she and Billy had 3 boys,

Bella is our medium size blue girl she and Billy had 3 girls,1 reserved.

Avalon is our largest girls she is lilac and white in colour she and Billy has had 1 girl and 1 boy girl is reserved

We breed for strong healthy pups. 

Please check out the puppies on youtube deborah gems5562

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  • Name Steven Myers
  • Tel: 01217832413


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