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Here at the Amarante Doodles HQ in Norfolk we have two gorgeous stud boys, a parti standard poodle and black labradoodle and in the near future, subject to health tests, a sheepadoodle too.  We occasionally have available quality labradoodle puppies raised in the family home.  Our 9 dogs are part of our family, they all sleep in our bedroom... we don't rehome them when they have finished breeding. 

Firstly our super stud... 4 year old red and white parti standard poodle, mummy's boy, my Freddie (Zenzaris Beau Blaze).  He is clear of all the standard poodle inherited diseases: degenerative myelopathy, neonatal encephalopathy with seizures, progressive retinal atrophy, progressive rod-cone degeneration and Von Willebrand disease 1, has a hip score of 13 (6:7) and a current clear BVA eye certificate (July 2019).  He is KC registered and can be used for standard poodles and suitable crosses ie labradors, golden retrievers, old English sheepdogs etc.  He stands at 25 inches to the shoulder and has a super temperament, a real gentleman with his 'ladies'.  He has produced many colours, we have one of his daughter's here, our black and white parti labradoodle Meri and more recently one of his sheepadoodle sons Jeff, who we are hoping, subject to health tests and suitability, will be our sheepadoodle stud in summer 2020. Stud fee £350.   


We also have available for stud our gorgeous homebred black labradoodle Buddy. He has a hip score of 11 (5:6) Elbow score 0:0 and current clear BVA eye certificate (July 2019).  I am very proud of Buddy and have here his Mum Sophie, his Grandma Summer and we had his Great Grandma Layla until we lost her at 14. A really lovely boy is Buddy with quite a fan club.  Stud fee £350.  

We sometimes have puppies available, they are raised in the family home in what we call our puppy room.  A large room with access to the garden so we can start to house train them at an early age.  In the room we have a 4 foot square draught proof whelping box for those early weeks, a TV, armchairs (it becomes our living room while we have puppies here), a grooming table to get them used to being clipped etc.  The flooring is a non slip vinyl and we use vet bed for bedding.  We wean on best quality food, Gentle Dog Food, in fact all our dogs are on it.  We have a thorough worm program and microchip the puppies before they leave for their forever homes. We play a noise desensitization CD to get them used to things like thunder and fireworks and from 6 weeks old we take them out for rides in the car with a couple of our older dogs to get them used to travelling. The puppies leave us with a five generation family tree, information sheet, a soft toy and blanket which has our scent on it (the toy has my scent and the blanket has the smell of mum and the litter on) and insurance if none is already in place.  We have the maximum star rating for a first time breeding licence with Breckland Council.  

Always happy to answer any questions and talk about labradoodles, poodles and now sheepadoodles which we hope to produce in the future, so do get in touch if you have any queries.  

We have over 15 years' experience of breeding labradoodles so would offer pregnancy, whelping and puppy raising advice if necessary. 

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