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I am an experienced breeder with  20+ years of learning behind me, and still ongoing learning now. I put as much love and attention into my puppies as I did with my own children, as I believe that our dogs deserve the very best start in life. It is imperative that my puppies go to the right homes to people who will love them and care for them as I would myself, and that people are buying puppies for all the right reasons and not as the latest accessory. I believe in health testing where possible to ensure the best possible future for any pups I breed, and wish that more people were aware of the need for testing, especially having a full pedigree dog myself who is unfortunately epileptic and suffers from skin problems that I now find out are known within the breed and simple health testing could prevent puppies from being so sadly afflicted. I love to stay in touch with owners of my puppies and see the wonderful progress they make, and the joy they both give and receive.

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