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Hello, here is bit about me and my dog's history.

We got our first Cocker Spaniel, Tara in 2004, it was one of the best things we ever did.Tara was very clever and loving and a brilliant family pet. In 2007 she had her first litter of 3 puppies, we kept the only girl, Susie.

Some years later in 2011 when Tara had here second litter of puppies we kept Hattie who is an F1 Cockapoo. She was sired by a dark apricot KC reg minature poodle and her mother, as I said previously, was my dog Tara who was a KC reg Cocker Spaniel. 

We have really enjoyed having both Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoos as family pets.They are very loving and I have found mine to be very steady and easy going.Both breeds need to be clipped and both can shed but regular grooming does help with this. Unfortunately mine suffer from a home haircut but every now and then I get Hattie's haircut professionally because frankly they do a better job than me.

Hattie had her first litter of F2 Cockapoo puppies in March 2015. It all went really well and she proved to be an excellent mum. As we had other family members, as well as ourselves wanting a puppy, Hattie had a litter in March 2016. We have kept a puppy from this litter called Lara who is lemon coloured, which is mailny white with some beige/apricot markings. Lara will hopefully  be having her first litter of puppies in Autumn 2018 as we have relations who would like a puppy. Even though Hattieis DNA clear for Progressive Retinal Atrophy I will also have Lara DNA tested before breeding to protect any puppies from this disease.

Both of these litters were sired by an F1 red/dark apricot Cockapoo, like Hattie, he is a family pet and his owner also owns his mum. I have copies of the pedigrees of all the grandparents of the puppies.

I love my dogs and I don't want them to have lots of litters so I won't be advertising puppies very often and now I only have one that is breeding aga anyway. My dogs are kept in the family home and live with us all the time, any puppies are raised in the kitchen in the thick of family life.

Hattie and her sister, Susie are both PRA CLEAR through a DNA test with Optigen.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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