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Proud Exhibitor and Breeder of Pixiebobs, rare and beautiful cats with wild looks and mild temperaments. ABOUT US We are a TICA registered cattery (no. 19555), and all our cats and kittens are also TICA registered, come with full vaccinations, 4 weeks pet plan insurance, kitten and owner pack, contract, and guarantee. PIXIEBOBS ARE A Domestic Pedigree Cat Breed, Bred to Resemble the North American Bobcat. They are a spotty coated cat, that can have varying tail lengths, and even extra toes. Every one, carries that Wild look and gentle temperament... Intriged? Want to know more about this Breed? Or Us? Visit Our Sites, Blogs, Youtube Pages. Follow Us on Facebook or Twitter. Simply google TOTALLYCOASTAL Our cattery voluntarily adheres to and supports the Responsible Breeders Program, and the Code of Ethics. Pet and Show quality Cats & Kittens, in all accepted varieties.

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