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KRAWEN BULL TERRIERS We have owned Bull Terriers for 35 years. Although we have occasionally shown our dogs over the years, we are NOT big show breeders. We have never kept a dog in a kennel. We have had 7 Bull Terriers living happily in the house together, but we now only have three. We are happy to keep it this way as our dogs are able to go everywhere with us. 

We are hoping for our 6th litter by Champion Emred Devils Tri Star and our own Emred bitch. Puppies will not be available until January, but any interested families are welcome to enquire. Our puppies will not be sold abroad and an agreement has to be signed, that if for whatever reason, at whatever age, if you can no longer keep the dog, it MUST be returned to us and not sold on or given away. That way, we know where our puppies are for ALL of their lives.

On enquiring, I am happy to answer questions, you are welcome to visit if I think you might be suitable, but I am very cautious as to where my puppies will go and the kind of life you can give them. If I am happy, you will told so and I will update you regularly. I like to have families waiting, that way, I know they are going to the best homes and are not just a rash decision to buy a puppy. Please look elsewhere if you are not prepared to wait. Thank you.

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