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Coton de Tulears


I am a licensed breeder and Assured Kennel Club Breeder but also a Naturopath of some 20 years and fell in love with the breed of Coton de Tulear over 10 years ago.  This love turned to a desire to have more and more of them and then breed them.  However, I wanted to undertake this with all the knowledge I could, not just for the breed but for the health and longevity of the dogs themselves - as I do for humans.  I took a year to research all that was best and natural for them prior to producing my first litter. 

My priority is lineage, coat and temperament - all of my dogs and puppies come from the best lines of Europe - Cartoonlands, Woodland Cottage, Cotonbrie and Castel de la Roche aux Fees as well as Clanlee in Ireland and now Flamencoton of Spain with a Jespersens girl eagerly awaited in January 2020  all who have now bred so many champions.showing all over Europe and winning so often at Crufts.  Mine are the children and grandchildren of champions.  My puppies are all clear through DNA testing of parents of genetic weaknesses within the breed.

Coats are luxurious and thick.  Pigment is good.  They are show quality but perfect pets.  Naturally reared as are all my dogs - no chemicals, no vaccinations, no processed foods and all the right supplements to keep them all in optimum health - physically and emotionally.  They are immunised using canine nosodes; wormed using Diatomaceous Earth and Verm-x; all raw feeders with species appropriate diets; teething on raw wind dried venison bones - never a tooth cleaning session in sight! 

All of this information is passed to my puppy buyers with lifetime back-up for any problems.  I believe in homoeopathy for dogs and puppies and have saved many a little life when a vet could not do so.  Whether using herbs or homoeopathy - my little ones respond and recover.

These little guys - adult and baby - are my life - together with all the 2-legged people who need my help!  Please do your research on the breed as they are not for everyone and need daily grooming.  They are a long coated breed and their coat is their signature.  Please do not buy just to shave off their coats.

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