i am a hobby breeder my main breed is cavalier King Charles also have 3 males which are my stud dogs and are available for stud duties though through the years I have bread many different love for breeding started when I was young watching and helping my mom breed poodles.I am very passionate about what I do and very proud of my dogs and the litters that they produce they are my life with which I put a lot of love care and time into breeding the best pups possible doing what I do makes me very happy and through this I have made a lot of people happy also meeting people and seeing them come to pick up their pups you can see the happiness in their faces so exited to be taking their pups to their forever loving homes.over the years I have made a lot of friends through my dogs and puppies people sending pictures and messages letting me know how the pups are growing up makes me very happy  it really is my life which I wouldn't change for the world .


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