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I am a hobby breeder of Colourful Yorkshire Terriers and multi generation pedigree registered Double Doodles.

In our quest to find a petite non shedding toy companion dog to join our family, (one that my husband would not be allergic to) we found our beautiful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier "Jana" posh name Chanel Diamond in the Sky whose parents had been imported and were of Russian Champion lineage.

Upon further investigation we discovered that the Yorkshire Terrier did in fact exist in a vast array of colours.

We also learned that Colourful Yorkshire Terriers have been pedigree registered and shown at breed club shows throughout Russia, Europe and the USA for many decades with their popularity rapidly growing wide world - hardly surprising given thier sweet nature.

One can only speculate as to how the variation of colour genetics were introduced into the gene pool of the Yorkshire Terrier but the fact remains that their pedigrees have now been recorded for many decades.

Our ultimate aim regardless of where the colour variations originated is to maintain and preserve the characteristics of the traditional Yorkshire Terrier breed.

In our quest to learn more about the Biewer Yorkshire Terriers we discovered that Colourful Yorkshire Terriers come under many names, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier sports the beautiful Black Tan and white coat and is often described as "parti" or piebald in the canine world.

The Biro a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier in chocolate, gold and white - this little dog is differentiated from the Biewer not only by its chocolate, gold and white coat but also his chocolate nose.

Research revealed that the Golddust Yorkshire Terriers were first recorded as were the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier in Germany in the 80s. Unlike the Biro and Biewer variations The Golddust Yorkshire Terrier has a solid gold coat but can also found in white parti variations.

To commence our own small breeding program we sought a very special boy Shine Grand York Passion from Europe. Not only does he have the most comical personality and beautiful silky coat but he is quite rare and unique in that he carries a wide diversity of colour genetics, red, gold, chocolate and white.

Over time we have added several other members to our family and now have, Biewer, solid black, solid chocolate and ocean pearl (black + gold)

With our Biewer, Biro, Red, Golddust, Biro, Black and Chocolate colour genetics in our breeding program every litter of puppies will always be a surprise.

In addition to our family of Colourful Yorkshire Terriers we are also home to our doodles Sassie, Amber and her mother Sophie.

Our Double Doodle breeding has reverse engineered the origin of the Flat coated Golden retriever to produce a non shedding, highly intelligent, trainable family dog.

Our Double Doodles combine three of the world's most intelligent breeds, the Golden Retriever, the Labrador and the Standard Poodle.

Through multi generation selection our puppies will not shed as both dam and sire are now genetically non shedding dogs.

The parentage of our girls pedigrees trace back over decades as far back as the 1980's hence why our puppies are all pedigree registered with each puppy leaving with their pedigree documents.

If you are interested in finding out more about our tiny colourful Yorkshire Terriers or our Double Doodles, availability or reservation possibilities please feel free to contact us.

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