The Balinese is believed to have originated from a spontaneous genetic mutation of the Siamese, as opposed to selective breeding.

Oriental cats are vocal; and not only when they are in season. As loving as these cats are, their calling may not make them popular with the neighbours. Thy will often carry on a running conversation with their owners and their genuine love of people brings an assurance of close companionship.

They are active, and their minds seem to be whirling with activity. If they do not have a playmate, they will create one out of anything. Height beckons a flight up or down; they delight in jumping and have been seen to leap four or five feet in any direction with ease. They are not outdoor cats. Most will make no effort to escape into the great unknown.

The Balinese requires an occasional combing, but their hair does not mat. They super-intelligent cats make wonderful pets if the owner can put up with the constant demand for companionship. They want to be with you every moment of every day. they will be your friend for life.

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