Puggle is the name for a crossbreed dog with a beagle parent and a pug parent. Puggle crossbreeds were first bred in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

Puggles are not necessarily healthier than their parent breeds. Both Beagles and Pugs can suffer from cherry eye and epilepsy. Puggles also occasionally inherit hip dysplasia from one or both of their parents. While the possibility of inheriting these disorders can be minimized through careful selection of parents, they are uncommon enough to not concern.

Puggles can sometimes suffer from food and environmental allergies. Puggles can live perfectly happy lives with allergies, but sometimes the allergies may be serious enough that a food change or steroid shots are needed.

Puggles who have longer snouts like the Beagle parent are at a reduced risk of respiratory problems. However, Puggles can suffer from the respiratory ailments commonly found in Pugs, which can be problematic. One common, nonthreatening respiratory ailment that Puggles sometimes suffer from is reverse sneezing (also called backwards sneezing or inspirational paroxysmal respiration).

Puggles can be high-energy dogs, and require regular exercise, in the form of walks. Like the parent breeds, Puggles can exhibit a relatively high degree of independence, which trainers may find challenging. Some Puggles wander off if they catch interesting scents, traits inherited from their Beagle parents. Having a fenced yard would be a plus to owning a puggle. Puggles are also known to be very affectionate companions. Puggles are known for their temperament towards people, including small children.

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