The Borzoi is a breed of dog also called the Russian wolfhound. They have long hair and are similar in shape to greyhounds. They are a member of the sight hound family. Bred exclusively for the purpose of wolf hunting by the Russian aristocracy, the Borzoi is one of the most elegant and spectacular of all breeds. Rather like a Greyhound in build, but taller and with a long, silky coat which adds softness to his rather angular frame, the Borzoi is an agile, swift and courageous dog.

Although the circumstances under which the Borzoi is now kept have changed dramatically from those of Czarist Russia, he nevertheless remains a true aristocrat of the dog world. Affectionate and devoted to his owner, he is rather aloof and distrustful of strangers. He does need a good deal of regular exercise to keep him fit, and that exercise preferably includes a certain amount of free running and playing.

The Borzoi is a very independent dog and does not always immediately respond to his owner's commands. Not a noisy breed, the Borzoi has a quiet, gentle nature and loves to live as part of the family although he is more suitable for homes with older children and may need supervision around other small pets.

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