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My name is Lisa, and I am based in South Lincolnshire with my family and pets, I have recently relocated from Essex so that my Children and Dogs can have a better quality of life. I became interested in Miniature Labradoodles after the birth of my first daughter when I started noticing the problems with Labradors. Wonderful as they are, they leave hair everywhere and are quite heavy. A miniature Labradoodle being less than 17 tall seems to be the perfect family dog. Recently my quest for the ideal family dog introduced me to the fantastic Australian Labradoodles, NorthWest Australian William Wallace and ASD Australian Labradoodles, Primetimes Angus, and I fell in love, the Australian Labradoodles ASD are consistent in type, so once bitten by the bug I had to have one of these dogs, so then came along Tegan Park Fidelity and Aaprina Country Black Berry and the birth of our first home bred Australian Labradoodle ASD PennyAlis Coco Chanel, breeding authentic Australian Labradoodles is a huge but exciting experience to be at the forefront of the breed here in the UK all of my Australian Labradoodles are ASDs and all descend from the founders of the breed Rutland Manor and Tegan Park. All puppies born here will be raised in my home around my children so you can be sure they will be well socialised. All puppies will also leave with puppy packs and lots of literature on Labradoodles plus life time support and help if needed. Puppies are only available to the very best of homes, and as such all applicants will be thoroughly vetted. I reserve the right to refuse to someone a pup up to the point of them leaving my house. I am proud to be a Founder Member of the UK Doodle Club as our main criteria at the UK Doodle Club for being a breeder member is Health and Temperament which is an absolute must for a happy family dog. The Miniature Labradoodle must have a lovely temperament making it the most suitable family dog.

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