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Jilana Fallows

Labradoodle (Australian)s


Australian Labradoodles are bright, beautiful, calm and clever!  We breed miniature and medium doodles which we adore. Life in our home is busy and hectic with four kid, three dogs and two horses.  Although, unlike the dogs, the horses don’t live in our home.  Our dogs and puppies are never exposed to a kennel environment.  Our puppies grow up in a busy home and are exposed to everything that everyday living involves.  Our puppies are cuddled and socialised from day one and we work hard to make sure that our puppies are well adjusted and ready to bond with their forever families at eight weeks.  Our dogs and puppies have gorgeous fleece coats and in keeping with the  authentic Australian Labradoodle look resemble teddy bears.  They are low shed and low odour and in our opinion simply the best friends we could ever wish for.  We are very proud of our healthy, happy dogs and puppies and always love a doodle chat. 


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