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Border Terriers


Asplands Border Terriers. A small, hobby kennel concentrating on quality not quantity. I have been involved in breeding and training dogs for 45 years and am a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog trainers.  In the past have had dogs on ITV's Coronation St, we have competed in Championship, open and hunt terrier shows also terrier racing.  Anyone interested in getting a Border Terrier are welcome to come and meet the breed. Training, feeding and grooming advice for our pups freely given.

'As much support as you need for however long you need it'

On the advice of a fully trained and holistic vet who's owned and bred Border Terriers for over 40 years, Mums and pups are naturally raw fed, the mums and pups are never doused in or fed dangerous pesticides, we laboratory test for worm eggs using Only organic parasite treatments used when proven necessary.   All pups are in home reared and socialised to the Puppy Culture ethos introducing noise and appropriate handling to ensure pups are 'bomb proof' before leaving their mum.

References are available from very happy owners

If you would like a long lived, mentally sound, healthy dog.

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