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Labradoodle (Australian)s


After looking for a breed of dog I was not allergic to we visited a breeder of F1 labradoodles. We were so disappointed when I proved allergic to these particular dogs and at this point we had not heard of Australian Labradoodles. After some research we found them and simply fell in love with these beautiful dogs! We are now a small family run breeder of Australian Labradoodles, and they really have become a big part of our lives. Our foundation bitch Tamaruke Caramel Delight we imported directly from Australia, and, as her name suggests, she is an absolute delight! Now a great great grandmother, her offspring have consistently produced affectionate, playful and intelligent dogs that really do make wonderful pets. We are committed to breeding only fully health tested dogs and sustaining this wonderful unique breed. Watch this space for the exciting results of all our lovely combinations of sweet natured,loyal, playful and sometimes downright daft, dogs.

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