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Mrs L Broadfield

Labrador Retrievers


BROADSAMLEE LABRADORS A HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM WHO ADORE THE BREED OUR DOGS HAVE BEEN HIP/ELBOW SCORED EYE TESTED FOR MORE INFOMATION PLEASE GO TO OUR WEB SITE OR GIVE US A CALL. We are also licenced council breeders  also members of the west midland retriver club and labrador retriver club.our puppy's are like a good old reliable 4x4 they will fit into any family's life style our puppy's go to family's with children the elderly also the disabled community And supply the autistic spectrum we own many labradors they live in the family home with us there are no outdoor kennels all our girls and boys live indoors with us and Shair the armchairs and sofers with us and they stay with us until god calls them we never sell on our girls & boys when there breeding life has finished hence on many occasions you can see mother grand mother gt grandmother & gt gt grandmother all with health checks behind them all 

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