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Donna Savill American Cockapoos And Spaniels


Here at Essex cockapoos we are proud to breed the much loved American cockapoo.

Having been dedicated to this amazing breed for over 12 years, we are very proud of our reputation.

 Our puppies are born and raised in our home. We pride ourselves on producing very high quality puppies- bred for health and temperament aswell as their low-allergenic properties. Our careful cockapoo breeding plan has led to us producing puppies of consistent type....similar in size, coat and overall appearance. We are very lucky to have our own parti toy poodle stud has always been our goal to produce parti American Cockapoos and that dream has now become a reality. We are very proud of our excellent reputation and pride ourselves on the fact that we produce the much sought-after AMERICAN Cockapoo. These are quite rare in the UK when compared to the English version. Our dogs are much loved members of our family and their puppies are raised the a loving environment where their health and well being are our utmost priority.

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