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Jacqueline Skey

British Shorthairs


My husband and I breed the British Shorthair for many years back in the late 80s and 90s. Our Registered Prefix was CARASSACAT. We stopped breeding while our children grew up then my husbands health took a turn for the worse from which he did not recover. In 2014 I reactivated the Prefix in my sole name. My first love has always been the colourpointed. This is my foundation to going forwards with this wonderful breed. I have fell in love with the Golden Tipped and i can't wait to have more of these. I also have some longhair carriers in my queens so will be having British Longhaired kittens also. In January 2017 the Long Hairs are finally recognised in their own right. I will be showing some of my cats and kittens. ALL my kittens will be registered with GCCF, fully vaccinated, have a 4 generation pedigree and will be insured for 4 weeks. I will always be on the end of the phone throughout the cats life and I love receiving photos of them over the years. I still have some going back to 1988. I even have contacts that back to the 1980s who still keep in touch. I look forward to this new direction with some wonderful animals.

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