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British Shorthairs


We are small breeders of the beautiful British Shorthaired cat. All our cats are cherished family pets first & foremost. Our girls only have one litter a year so that they & their kittens are fit & healthy. It goes without saying that health is paramount & our cats & kittens have the very best of food, love & no expense spared in their general well being. We specialize in British Shorthaired Cats. We have 4 BSH Blue, 1 BSH Chocolate & 2 BSH lilac queens. We have 1 BSH Blue Stud. All our kittens are born & reared indoors with lots of cuddles, love & spoiling. They are very much used to the comings & goings of a family home. They are very well socialized & have truly wonderful dispositions. Our kittens are always registered with the G.C.C.F. & are fully checked by our vet. They will leave us vaccinated, litter trained, 4 wks insurance & have a four generation pedigree certificate. We also give a kitten information pack & a disc with photos of each kitten from birth to when they leave included on the disc will be all the birth & growth information. If you are interested in reserving one of our kittens or would like more information about our cats or the breed in general please phone or email us for a chat.

Andy & Andrea

Email: [email protected]

Contact:  Home 01788 542268 Mobiles 07970 292149  or  07876 827556

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