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We started Didlington Doodles about seventeen years ago when we bought our first Labradoodle, the wonderful Stroodle, and approx three years later Didlington Strutt Your Stuff arrived (Digby), the very first Didlington Doodle to be born! Digby is our pride and joy and has been the father of many of our own dogs and also pups that have joined other families all over the country and and abroad. Our passion has been to breed healthy, sane, family friendly pups that add a new dimension into peoples lives. We think we have achieved it and this is proven by the regular updates and school reports that we receive from happy families and owners. Most of our pups go to families with children of varying ages, but we also have a number that have become assistance dogs to disabled people and children with learning difficulties. We now have six pups/dogs whose daily routine is as dogs in schools where they work as reading dogs, therapy dogs and are just there for a big cuddle when needed! We are immensley proud of them. The majority of our pups will be medium sized although we do have the occasional miniature litter and some standards. Usually our litters have a mix of coats which suits most tastes as everyone wants something different! but a large proportion are low shedding which is more suitable for those with mild allergies. We do not claim that our Labradoodles or Goldendoodles are allergy friendly as this is untrue - in fact no dog is allergy friendly as people can be allergic to a range of different things - some it is the hair, some the skin dander and some the saliva, so if you have serious allergies you need to do a lot of research, allergy testing etc before embarking on getting a puppy. If you make a mistake it is heart wrenching for the family and very unsettling a disruptive to a young pup. 

Our other great passion in the breeding of our Labradoodles is our very rare Parti and Tuxedo patterned pups. We have been working to achieve this for many years and at last we are there, having just had a few litters now of 100% True British Parti's and Tuxedo's. Our black and whites are now established, and we are also getting some brown and whites. We have just brought in a new brown and white Parti Standard Poodle called Nantucket who will bring in the other colours, so we are very excited!

If you are looking for a carefully home bred Labradoodle or Cockapoo puppy and would like a chat about what you are hoping for, or you would just like some more information about Labradoodles in general do get in touch, we are always more than happy to try to help!

A number of our pups have gone abroad and we we will assist in this in any way we can. We use an excellent company call PetAir Uk ( and they will make all the arrangements for you + we will keep the pup until ready to travel, get Rabies vaccinations done, Passports and any travel requirements necessary. 

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