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There is a bit more about my family and our beloved Ragdolls;  I live in little village, in picturesque Shropshire near Wales border ( Great Britain)with my husband Les, son Kris and our wonderful Ragdolls our cattery name is Ragdolloasis and it is register with TICA, member of PBRCC.

 I fell in love with the Ragdoll breed about 9 years ago when first Seal point queen came to our house - – Casandra, for our daughter Weronika and we were amazed with her impressive appearance and size. Soon it turned out that she has got incredible character; she is balanced, sociable, as well as intelligent and curious. Casandra won everybody’s hearts in our family, we watch her for hours could not believe in her beauty.

We are continuously tray to increase our knowledge about the race and the breeding. I try to take a part in seminars provided by GCCF and PBRCC, its great opportunity to meet other breeders and share experience as well as learn something new.

 Breeding is big responsibility and we want to make sure to continue and uphold excellence in health and type of those unique cats. Our attention to details and constant motivation to improve is a further guarantee for those who decide to adopt one of our kittens.

Our cattery is not overcrowded, our Ragdolls live freely in the house with us closely, as well as. The some happens with all of our kittens, who are born to be raised with love and dedication to them. They are used to human contact since the first days of life, so they can best develop their character and will be fully socialized when they go to live with their new families. Our goal is to breed healthy cats with a great character and beauty.

 We are a closed cattery and we do not provide stud service. In our cattery already have cats from; Superrsonic, RagandDoll, Ameleony, Dollybrook, Baggyrags.

As a midwife and a breeder I do respect and admire the miracle of new life and devote much attention to our babies during early development and growth. I do not recommend early neutering, but some of my Ragdolls come from unique blood lines (100% traditional) and their breeders wish have to be respect. Over the last few years we welcome with joy - Queens from , 100% traditional and we are very grateful for her trust and entrusting us with hers wonderful treasures. One of our aims is to develop strong traditional line.

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