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I have been breeding Shih Tzus and Malshis for 15 years, Persians for 5 years and Napoleon Minuet for 3 years. Extremely rare Napoleon/Minuet kittens are virtually extinct in the UK. They are derived from Persian/Munchkin parents, to create a short legged persian. However, its very rare to get the short legs. Sweet natured and handled daily, my kittens are loved and spoilt. Short legged napoleons have the added cuteness of sitting on the hind legs and begging like a Meercat! Unlike short legged dogs they do not have back problems and are just as agile as normal cats, if not a bit quicker! It took me 3 years to find my beautiful long haired white Munchkin female, as theycare next to impossible to find in UK.  I have put her to my stunning Golden Persian boy to create beautiful doll faced Napoleons, the likes of which can only be found in the USA and abroad. Sweet and loving natured,  kittens come as Standards (short legs) and Non standards (long legs)

Non standard kittens will look much like a normal persian, with a long haired or semi longhaired thick coat, and doll face. I have both mum and dad here to view. My kittens are loved and cared for to the highest standard  My kittens are handled daily, and will only go to 1st class very special loving homes as pets only. Mum and dad are both superb temperament, well groomed, loved and cared for. Being indoor cats they take very little grooming  I usually have pure whites, Goldens and Black smokes with a darling doll faces.

My Chinchilla persians are white with silver tips, Golden or black shaded goldens

Occasional litters of Imperial/ Miniature Shih Tzus in cream or Apricot 

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