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Janet Sykes Mbipdt

Border Terriers


Breeder of Border Terriers with the KC Asplands affix. I'm a hobby breeder of quality dogs.

I've been breeding dogs for 41 years, 90% of that time I've fed my dogs on real raw food, not the fake food in bags sold in the supermarkets and by vets. Enquires from people who want to give their dogs the best diet and are happy to learn are welcome.

I'm a professional dog behaviourist. Support for you dogs' emotional and training needs are there for the rest of your dogs life. I don't think of the price I charge as being for the pup but for my professional time and effort for 15 years + that's seriously good value for money.

All my pups are reared indoor and out. All the adults have all the relevent health checks.

Janet Sykes MBIPDT

Asplands Border Terriers


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