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Yvonne Soul


I am a small hobby breeder, I live in a lovely country family house and have over 20 years experience in miniature long haired dachshunds. I am lucky to have bred 5 generations of dachshunds, all my dogs are  wonderful calm, kind natured and are fantastic with children. 


My lovely doggies love the outside lifestyle and joining in with my walks, rides with myself and my children on horses, and runs around the fields


When I am lucky enough to have a litter of puppies I give all of my time rearing these puppies to the highest possible standards, we do not believe in kennelling our dogs so of course our puppies and dogs are living and reared in our home. The puppies are reared in  a quiet room for the 1st few weeks to give mummy the bonding experience she needs. The puppies are then moved into the heart of my caring family home, this environment will have all the normal household noises, they are loved and hugged making them well balanced & socialised individuals.

If you choose me as your breeder, I will give you lots of information about how to look after your puppy, I have written a very in-depth care sheet. I am always available for support and advice, the aftercare is just as important to me as when I am rearing the puppies. During your puppies 8 weeks with me you will receive many videos and photos so you can really bond with your chosen puppy!


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