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Nikki Kinsman


Hi, my name is Nikki. I fell in love with Siamese cats when I was just a teenager working at a hotel that had 3 of them. I loved their elegance and sassy characters and have never looked back! 

I had my first Siamese 10 years ago. Coco is a chocolate tabby point with the softest most gentle personality and she had 4 litters before we retired her. She was a lovely mum and is a caring and affectionate grandma to my litters now! 

I also have a black oriental a Bella who is as mad as hatter but is loving and affectionate with very high intelligence! She is way too clever for me! 

I also have a chocolate spotty Tilly (Bellas daughter) and we will start to breed with her later this year. 

our kittens are always bought up in our home with myself, my two children, the cats and my little dachshund Lola. They are well socialised, litter trained and have wonderful temperaments.

I don't have a website but do have a Facebook page Vernon Siamese so you can see more pictures of my babies  

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