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Parker came into our lives along with five other litter mates in October 2017 and we decided he was a keeper.  He has inherited the good looks of his grandfather  (JD Uncle Fester) and the gentle temperament of his mother, Scully, and as he is still “intact” he is now available as a stud dog.


Parker is an F2 cockapoo (Sire: Arnie, café au lait F1Cockapoo, Dam : JD Scully chocolate sable F1 cockapoo) He stands 44cm from his shoulder to the floor and weighs approx. 20 kg.Born chocolate he now has a long, wavy café-au-lait coat and like his father has a very laid back personality.


Parker is definitely an ”off road” cockapoo, he loves a long walk, especially if it provides an opportunity to go exploring the woods. He’s also very fond of chasing after, and returning with, tennis balls.


DNA CLEAR by parentage for for FN, Familial Nephropathy (kidney disease) and tested clear for prcd-PRA (eye disease)  Hips examined manually - VERY GOOD


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