Fiona Graham

British Shorthairs - British Longhairs

I have been breeding and showing British Shorthair / longhair in the silver series for over 12 years.Silver tabby, spotted, shaded and silverpoints with their amazing deep blue eyes also some golden kittens turn up .

I breed for both looks and temperament with all my cats being extremely friendly and outgoing ( they need to be to show) . I am an inspected member of GCCF Breeders scheme which means all my health tests have been verified and l go that extra mile in raising my kittens.

Over the years l have invested in the absolutely best cats I could afford many from abroad Germany, Czech rep,Ukraine and before the war Russia. 

I have been extremely successful exhibitor for many years and got the top achievement 2023 at GCCF Supreme ( Crufts of the cat showing world) with my homebred British Longhair gaing best overall adult Supreme Grand Champion Ohoka Mr McDougal.


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