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Annette Courtney

Labradoodle (Australian)s
Welcome to Annetteslabradoodles
Home of the miniature/medium multigenerational/Australian foundation labradoodle here in the UK from 2001

One of the original six breeders of Labradoodles in the UK

The first breeder of miniature labradoodles in the UK
Original Australian labradoodle foundation breeder in the UK in 2003

All Puppies registered at the UK Kennel club

Pedigrees also recorded by the Australian labradoodle Association of Great Britain

Home of the famous antenatel class as written about in dogs today magazine,

 BSC in Animal Science amongst other recognised qualifications 
​and am 
 Animal Licence officer qualified 

 My UK Labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles are registered on the official British Kennel Club activity data base, providing a traceable parentage/ health testing history. This can be checked on the Kennel Club health test finder easily on Google.
The best way to locate a good breeder is through word of mouth, health testing is imperative but so is temperament. 
​  I recommend reading the Charity "The Doodle Trust" website,
Join their group on FB for tips, remember they will speak the truth as they pick up the pieces from the unscrupulous breeders .
Ask your vet for recommendation of a good breeder 

My dogs are all health tested, you will get copies of all health tests carried out in your puppy pack or on the group chat.
Puppies priced between £1750 and £2000

Certificates / Licences

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