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Updated: 17th Aug 2023


We are Higher star Licensed breeders with Rochford Council. We have been breeding puppies for over 10 years. Our premises and our dogs are cared for in line with the very high standards specified by DEFRA. website - wwwbudleighdoodles.co.uk Our puppies are bread for health and temperament. They are used to children of various ages and all the hustle and bustle of family life. Both parents live with us. Mum and dad were both bred by us. Puppies will only go to 5* homes. Please contact us via email if you are interested in a puppy. pandaw9@hotmail.co.uk Mum to this litter is Maple (F1 Standard Irish Doodle). Maple stands at 22” to her shoulder. Puppies were born on 8th July. Maple - Health tested: HEREDITARY CLEAR PRCD PRA (PROGRESSIVE RETINAL ATROPHY) HEREDITARY CLEAR RCD1 AND 4 PRA/LOPRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), HEREDITARY CLEAR Von WILLEBRAND DISEASE TYPE 1(vWD 1) HEREDITARY CLEAR NEONATAL ENCEPHALOPATHY – HEREDITARY CLEAR DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY (EXON 2) CLEAR/NORMAL BVA ELBOW SCOREING 0/0 BVA HIP SCORING 9/6 Sire is Paddington (Standard K.C registered poodle) Health tests:- PRCD PRA CLEAR RCD4 PRA/LOPRA CLEAR Von WILLEBRAND DISEASE TYPE 1 (vWD1) CLEAR NEONATAL ENCEPHALOPATHY CLEAR DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY (EXON 2) CLEAR BVA HIP SCORE OF 4/3 TOTAL 7 Puppies from this mating are standard F1b Irish Doodles. These puppies are likely to reach a height (to shoulder) of approximately between 22-28” as adults. Their coats will be wavy/shaggy in appearance with some in the litter potentially having a slightly tighter curl. The puppies coat colours range from dark fox red colouring to a lighter apricot/cream. The puppies' coats will be low to completely non-shedding. They will require regular daily grooming to keep their coats knot free and should ideally visit the groomers approximately every 6-8 weeks to keep their coats in the best condition. The puppies will leave us at 8 weeks of age with the following: Full vet check by our vet - copy of report given to new owners. Micro-chipped First vaccination Puppies will have been wormed every 2 weeks and dates of all worming treatments will be documented. Preventative flea treatment 5 weeks insurance Puppy information pack containing advice on diet, vaccinations, socialisation, exercise, training, worming, grooming. (We give this pack to new owners at the 5 week visit so you have time to read it through prior to collecting your puppy). A contract of sale A scent blanket Toys A weeks' supply of food Nails clipped We are always at hand to offer support and advice. We will hold viewings for new owners when the puppies reach 5 weeks of age. We can arrange WhatsApp video calls for those people that may prefer this due to travel distances. The puppies will need to be collected from us when they are 8 weeks of age which will be 3rd September. We require a questionnaire to be completed. We will then hold video calls with prospective owners where mum, dad and the puppies can be seen and any questions answered. We require a £500 non-refundable deposit following this call in order to reserve a puppy. Please note that puppies cannot be chosen until they are collected at 8 weeks. The collections will be booked in in the order that a deposit is received. If, after having read the above, you are interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, please contact us by email. Thank you


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