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DNA health testing is the best / safest way - to ensure no vet bills for diseases their parents can hold. So looking at the price tags isn’t your best decision for any one in the long run- as the unhealth tested litters hold many diseases (list of which can be seen in the pictures above)feel free to use these as a check list for other breeders to see their ethics.) CHOOSE HEALTH AGAISNT THE PRICE 


MOST  HEALTHIEST F1 COCKAPOOS ANYWHERE IN THE UKsee listing of dna health tests in pictures Tinyshires babies are not eye candy - their soul food for family’s to have the best adventures together for life xx


Gold standard dna health testing as both parents clear of all health testing listings in pictures- plus viewable on request at in house viewing only not sent over social sites. I ensure my puppies are 100% disease free of all health concerns related to both breed of parents. (to ensure perfect healthy happy family pets) Both parents viewable at all times.  What makes my passion so great is that I see and make extra happy families for life and to be apart of your life story with your forever companion (WE HAVE A FULL HISTORY OF MY PASSION VIA GOOGLE )


My dna health testing labs I use are as follows - LABOKLIN - UCD(American)- ANIMAL GENETICS - this is to ensure 100% clear coverage of all diseases the cocker and poodle breed have. 






black and white £1000

apricot and apricot and white £1300

deepnfox red and whites £1800


ready from 30/4/24 at 8 weeks 


Raised in a very busy home with many types of pets- we will  wean  them all on raw feed  - all weighing nice and heavy   - Our babies are  handed since birth and will be  used to house hold noises which here are loads.

Our babies  leaves with 3 months supply of food via royal Canin and is fully wormed to date with panacur and flead  to date with frontline spray. Microchipped as standard.   


Fully vet checked and vets report will be placed  in the puppy pack along with scented towel of both parents.. A full clear care sheet for transition NOT FOR BREEDING PET HOMES ONLY

MY PRICES reflect my intense health testing regime which is second to none as no other breeder is equal to the both parents been tested to my level (hence why this advert is  classed as GOLD STANDARDS


On viewing picture I'd required for all attending over the age of 16 years for security in place(driving Licnese and/or passport) NO ID NO ENTRY. GDPR REGULATED/REGISTERED 

 (directions on google under my business name Tinyshires ltd)


Dad is a red poodle 12 inch - he is a gent and loves sofa snuggles- out walking he is a nosey boy which loves water and jumping around. Never wonders off always a few steps in front of me. No concerns of his temperament as he is loved by all who have been here before you 


Mum is a choc/ tan  cocker 13 inch - she is a slow and steady mum - she loves her rabbit ears and cow ears the best she will share with her sisters which is a great testament to her character and what her babies will become. These parents are strong - confident and very loyal thraits so this is passed down to each 



CASH ONLY highly preferred


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