KC Reg Red Miniature poodles Fully Health Tested Parents

Breed: Poodle

Updated: 20th Jun 2022



8 Red puppies 4 girls 4 boys

You can also check out my Facebook page Tamila Miniatures Cockapoos Bengals and Miniature Horses scroll down my page to view pics and vidoes of my previous puppies and where they are born and brought up and enjoy my pics and videos of my cats,kittens and miniature horses :-) 

I have a 4 star dog breeding license with my council and a 4 star animal selling lisence both required by law now to breed and sell 

 My puppies are a little more expensive than other puppies but please read all my advert to understand why thankyou .

Remember when viewing a puppy you MUST see at least the mother  NEVER buy a puppy if your unable to see the mother 

MUM is Doris our Homebred KC reg fox red miniature poodle not only be be able to meet mum of puppies but also the puppies grandparents , grandmother Betty is still fox red at 9 years old ,mum Doris is clear  for the following ;

Degenerative Myelopathy - CLEAR

Gangliosidosis GM2 - CLEAR

Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures - CLEAR

Osteochondrodysplasia - CLEAR

Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA-PRCD) - CLEAR

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Rod-cone dysplasia 4) CLEAR

Von Willebrand Disease 1 - CLEAR

 DAD  is ' Restpark Red Zsar of Trentdale ' - Fully health red KC Reg Miniature Poodle tested Clear for the following :

Degenerative Myelopathy - CLEAR

Gangliosidosis GM2 - CLEAR

Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures - CLEAR

Osteochondrodysplasia - CLEAR

Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA-PRCD) - CLEAR

Von Willebrand Disease 1 - CLEAR


 Puppies will be in a 4 feed routine and part house trained when they leave us so we will not home them to full time workers as their routine needs to be ongoing ...please read on 

Both parents  are here to meet and have wonderful natures :-)

They will leave me at 8 weeks with :

They come with Kc reg with no endoresments although I would prefer a family home .

1st vaccine and full vet health check (Document provided)

Microchipped (As law by now and document provided.)

They will be on 4 feeds when they leave and will come with a 2kg bag of Beta Puppy Complete the food they will be weaned onto 

A diet sheet 

Puppy Toilet Training Planner

They will have been wormed with Panacur at 2,4,6 and Milbemax at 8 weeks and this will cover them up to 10 weeks so when your puppy goes for 2nd vaccine at 10 weeks you can discuss his/her future worming plan ....this is extremely important to your puppy and your family .

A scent blanket with smells of Mum and littermates as this will be the only familiar thing your puppy leaves with and will help him settle on his journey and into his/her new home ...imagine leaving everything you know and going off with strange people to a new strange new home ,the blanket will help this be a positive part of your puppy's life as his/her early experiences are extremely important to make him/her a well adjusted dog :-)

A toy and chew, puppies and indeed your grown up puppy will require chews all their lives as an essential part of their dental programme .

My puppies will leave having had their first bath and had their fist experience of the clippers as in their future they will have to be groomed and clipped so again this is to ensure their first experience is a good one .

They also have their first car trip to vets  to make sure this is a positive experience before they leave for their new homes , I also spend  time explaining the best way to transport your puppy and always make sure puppies who have a long journey to their new home leave at the best possible time of day to ensure he/she is due a sleep and its works a treat !

Poodles are very intelligent quick to learn and amazing with kids so make a fantastic family dog ...they want to be a family member so we like our puppies to go to families but will also make a superb companion to retired people as long as they can get their walks !

I can also help with crate sizes ,bedding, best puppy set up at their new home and tips on helping your puppy settle in to their new home .

I can provide recomendations from families and couples who have given our puppies forever homes .

If you have managed to read all the above and think you can offer one of my puppies a special home please email or telephone for a chat and I will answer all your questions more the better !  

All deposits are non-refundable unless there is a problem with the puppy on the vet check

Our puppies will ONLY be available to familes /people who dont work 9-5pm NO Texts will be answered    Thankyou for reading 






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Born on / due:

23rd May 2022




South Yorkshire


Breeder Info

Ali Brady

Website: tamilaminiatures.co.uk

Tel: 07745152381

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