German Shepherd X Belgian Malinois GERMALIS

Breed: Belgian Shepherd dog

Updated: 30th Sep 2021






Litter of Eight (perfect) 2 Girls – 6 Boys


Ready Now for their forever homes

These are super healthy Pups excellent weights ranging from 9.6 kg up, they are fit not fat

Two great dogs in one package - athletic - intelligent - very self-confident - couragess - highly and easily trainable - loyal - loving pups

These Pups are the pinnacle of my 36 years experience of German Shepherd, Malinois ownership.

Mum German Shepherd (Short Coat 4.5 years) - Dad Belgium Malinois BRN Number 39343 (2 years),

Mum & Dad have all been raised around young children


What sets these pups apart from others!!!!!!!

Natural Rearing Method

These Parents and Pups have been raised using natural rearing methods, Raw feed, Herb Supplements, Herb treated no chemical input - apart from their first Vaccinations and so have been given the very best possible start in their new lives. (its not hard work and much easier than you may think!)

How Natural Rearing will directly benefit Your Dog and You

Natural Rearing is feeding and caring for your dog using as close as possible to what their natural diet would have been.

Natural Rearing Dogs are particularly healthier on the inside, their gut micro biome benefits just like ours, when we eat unprocessed fresh whole foods and fruit and vegetables.

With Natural Rearing you will get far less clean up (poop).......probably about 90% less. Not the best subject to talk about but if your dog cannot digest will simply be ejected.

Natural Rearing dogs live longer, my current oldest GSD who sadly has just passed away at 13 years and 8 months. In his whole life he visited the vets only ONCE. My previous GSD passed away at 12.5 years and never ever visited the Vets, he was never ill......

Natural Rearing dogs will cost you less to keep because you will not need to take a healthy, clean eating, chemical free dog to your vets.

Natural Rearing pups will get the very best possible start in their new life........

Their characters are already now starting to show; I have a mixture of extremely self confident to quietly confident pups, all are very loving as are both mum and dad, they will have short coats so not too much dog hair. They will be active dogs that will require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, easily trainable to a very high standard with the right input.

They will suit an active home or a working environment and should excel at any challenges.

Pups will have vaccine record, health check; micro chipped and come with, 4 weeks free pet insurance, 2 weeks raw diet, herb supplements, natural worm & flea treatments, bedding with mothers scent and lifetime support

Any Questions please call or message, video calling available

Girls - £1395
Boys - £1295

1 Girl Now Reserved
2 Boys Now Reserved


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Born on / due:

3rd Jul 2021


Belgian Shepherd dog




Breeder Info

Nigel Saxelby

Website: [email protected]

Tel: 07903753499

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